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Who are We?

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Bullets & Bronze are a Calgary based band continuing to grow in the Canadian music scene. With riveting and inspired music written and produced by their Lead Singer, Artemis Anderson. Their music will resonate with you to your very core. It has been called many things, Elecrock, Shoegaze, Shoerock just to name a few but whatever you choose to call it, is really up to you.


Artemis Anderson

I am the Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Rhythm Guitarist for Bullets & Bronze. You'll find my touch in every piece of work you see from us. With Ten years experience songwriting and Five honing my musical skills. Now, I'm ready to show the world what I can do.

I put my heart and soul into our music and I know you will hear that when you listen.

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Former Collaborators

Bullets & Bronze has previously worked with the following collaborators.

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